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This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness & Change Your Life (Volume 1)

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Mind Control: Human Psychology, Manipulation, Persuasion and Deception Techniques Revealed

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The Silva Mind Control Method

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Mind Control: The Ancient Art of Psychological Warfare

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Discipline Your Mind: Control Your Thoughts, Boost Willpower, Develop Mental Toughness

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Mind Control: Forbidden Manipulation And Deception Techniques To Persuade And Brainwash Anyone

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Combating Cult Mind Control: The #1 Best-Selling Guide to Protection, Rescue and Recovery from Destructive Cults

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Mind Control 101: How To Influence The Thoughts And Actions Of Others Without Them Knowing Or Caring

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Mind Control: Manipulation, Deception and Persuasion Exposed: Human Psychology

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