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23 x 2.5-inch Leather Barber's Strop for Honing and Sharpening Knives with Swivel Clip

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Honing Guide, BonyTek Stainless Steel Side Clamping Fixed Angle Honing Guide with Brass Roller for Wood Chisel, Planer, Blade, Graver, Flat Chisel Edge Sharpening, Clamping Width Range 0.32-3.22 Inch

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Upon Company - Sturdy Folding Pocket Knife 3.15 Inches Closed

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The Edgemaster's Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing, Using, and Maintaining Fixed-Blade and Folding Knives

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Razor strop 2" x 22" leather hide dual straps with swivel clip used for leather straight razor + Fromm strop dressing 4 oz

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In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block Holds 16 Knives (Not Included) Without Pointing Up PLUS a Slot for your Knife Sharpener! Noble home & chef Knife Organizer Made from Quality Moso Bamboo

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Whetstone, Iwivi Double-Side Knife Sharpening Stone Set Grit 3000//8000 Knife Sharpener Combination Waterstone Kits with Non-slip Silicone Base, Angle Guide and Cleaning Towel (3000# / 8000#)

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Titainium Wharn-Clip Knife

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New DC-DC CC CV Buck Converter Step-down Power Module 7-32V to 0.8-28V 12A 300W USA

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