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ClearClick Film To USB Converter 35mm Slide and Negative Scanner with 2.3" Color LCD, 2 GB Memory Card, & Free USA Tech Support

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DigitNow! High resolution film scanner convert 35/135mmNegative&Slide to Digital JPEGs and saved to SD card, Using Built-In Software Interpolation with 1800DPI High Resolution-5/10M Photo&Film Scanner

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Slide Negative Scanners USB 2.4" LED Digital 35mm Film Negative Photi Scanner Slide Film Scanner ALL in 1 Film Scanner

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Film Scanner Converts 35mm Negatives & Slides To Digital JPEGs Using Built-In Software Interpolation, USB 2.4 Inch LCD Digital Film Scanner 35mm Negative Film and Slide Scanner/Converter

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High Resolution Digital 5 MP USB 2.0 TFT Film Scanner HD 35mm Slide Film Scanner Digital Negative Film Converter SD Card Film Scan

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Digitnow 22MP/14MP All In 1 Slide,Film and Negative Scanner for 35mm, 110, 126, and Super 8 Films/Slides/Negatives To Digital Converter

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zonoz FS-ONE 22MP Ultra High-Resolution 35mm Negative Film & Slide Converter Scanner w/ 2.4" TFT LCD - No Computer or Software Required - TV Out Cable Included & Worldwide Voltage 110V/240V AC Adapter

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Jili Online Film Scanner 5MP 35mm Negative Film Viewer Scanner USB Color Photo Copier + US Plug AC Power Adapter

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Digitnow 5/10Megapixels Stand Alone 2.4'' LCD Display Film/Slide Scanner 1800DPI High Resolution Picture Scanner in USB2.0 Interface Convert To PC

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